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11/7/2013 - ImStem Biotechnology announced the opening of their new cGMP facility for Cell Therapy


Farmington, CT, November 7th, 2013. ImStem Biotechnology, Inc. (ImStem), a Connecticut based Stem Cell Company focusing on developing stem cell therapies for tissue repair and autoimmune diseases, announced the opening of their cGMP-grade cell manufacturing facility today at the Connecticut Stem Cell Retreat 2013. The facility was built partially with the support of a CT Seed-Loan. Dr. Ren-He Xu, associate professor of University of Connecticut Health Center and CSO of ImStem, stated, “We are excited to announce the opening of our new cGMP facility in Farmington, CT. This operation wouldn’t be possible without the support from State of Connecticut and University of Connecticut Health Center. This facility will expedite the translation of our stem cell technology towards clinical use. All investigators in Connecticut are welcome to use our facility for developing therapeutic stem cell products in collaboration with us.”


The facility is located in the Exchange Building, 270 Farmington Ave., Farmington, CT, within a walking distance from University of Connecticut Health Center. ImStem will provide cGMP-grade cell manufacturing services from process development through commercial manufacturing. ImStem operates with standardized technologies and has a portfolio of proprietary technologies for optimization of stem cell manufacturing, and reducing the cost of stem cell culture. The facility has a capacity of culturing up to 2 billion cells in a fully self-contained, defined environment with the ability to control temperature, atmospheric CO2 and oxygen levels. Details about services provided by ImStem can be found at .