Our hES-MSC program have reached a significant milestone. The result is published on recent online edition of Stem Cell Report June 5 2014.
Highlight of Research:

  1. hES-MSCs outperform BM-MSCs and dramatically reduce disease scores in an EAE model of MS
  2. Lower inflammatory expression in hES-MSCs vs. BM-MSCs contributes to better immunosuppression
  3. hES-MSCs have superior extravasation/migratory properties into injured CNS than BM-MSC

Based on these, we further developed our technology into a clinical grade product targeting multiple sclerosis.
This product was named
“T-MSC”: hES-MSC derived with our proprietary technology.


What we need to get to the clinical trial? FUNDING

We are actively seeking funding from state, federal grant and private entities to support us.

However the funding received so far will not support a full-speed pre-clinical development and IND filing. Thus we need your help and donations. Any small or big help counts and you will become the accelerator of this exciting revolution.

We will keep on updating our website and blogs, and explaining why our technology will outperform current adult stem cell-based therapies.